5 Effortless Beauty Tips To Get You Party Ready

While we are counting down to Christmas and the numerous year end parties, here are some beauty checklist for you to show off your best side during the holiday season! YES, we are in the mood to celebrate and welcome 2019 in the most fabulous way!


Not now than when is a better time to put on that bright and glittery eyeshadow that you’ve been too shy to flaunt. A bold classic red lipstick or a prismatic lip-topper are perfect for this fun holiday!

Don’t forget add highlighters to illuminate your shadows such as the tip of your nose, brow bone and cheekbones for a stylish look.

Top up some falsies to thicken lashes to draw more attention to the window of your soul. Remember that you are not going for a formal dinner but a joyous fun filled evening!


Unlike crazy fun makeup, a simple but elegant loose bun or fishtail braid will work for the holidays. An over the top hairstyle will look too ostentatious and not wise to stay in history by appearing for photo keepsake.


Healthy weight loss is a slow, gradual process that takes a lot of discipline and determination. With less than two weeks to Christmas, here are some quick ways to help you lose a few pounds.

  • Cut down carbs intake
  • Choose healthier fat
  • Eat more fiber
  • Drink enough water
  • Cut out carbonated drinks, coffee and junk food
  • Cook and eat in


You’ve worked super hard for the past 11 months: be it starring at your computer screen all day long or binge watching netflix and Korean dramas into the wee hours, you are straining your eyes and that’ll show on your face. Dark eye rings and sunken eyes make you look tired and older.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are a great and quick way to fill up sunken eyes or reduce appearance of dark eye rings to soften the signs of aging. These fillers replenish the Hyaluronic Acid that we lost due to pesky ageing and environmental aggressors, and help to retain moisture so that our eyes looks hydrated, supple and healthy.

Beauty Cheat: Enhance thin dry lips with HA fillers for a juicy attractive pout


It takes more than piling on thick makeup and an out of salon blowout to look party-ready during Christmas! Yes, a healthy clear looking skin is the key to perfect your look. It is important to prep your skin well in advance such as eating healthier food, drinking more water and reducing alcohol intake to avoid unwanted blemishes. If you can, get a good restful sleep to keep panda eyes and sluggish complexion away.

Beauty Cheat #1: If you have 90 minutes to spare, quickly slot in Miracle Defence Facial that utilizes a 360° anti-ageing system with PRO & PREBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY to strengthen and protect stressed skin exposed to environmental pollutants or harmful radiation including blue light from the computer and cellphone.

This medi-grade facial also includes a FDA-approved Radiofrequency technology to stimulate lymphatic drainage and collagen production for a glowing, more supple and smoother looking complexion.

Beauty Cheat #2: You can book GoGlow Face Therapy up to a few days (or even on the morning) before your evening event! Achieve radiance with just 1 session of the FDA-approved Excel V laser and dual-frequency ultrasound wave to target pesky skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin, acne scars, benign pigmented conditions and more.

Party goers will be pestering you for the secret to your clear, radiant and healthy-looking complexion!