Dark Eye Circles & Eyebags Treatment

What are the Causes?

“Tear troughs” are natural depressions or hollowness which run from the inner corner of the eyes to the lower eyelid.

These depressions get worse as we age, due to loss of collagen and fat tissue.

The development of Eye bags and hyperpigmentation also worsens the look, making one look old and tired.

Conditions for Treatment

Treatment: Tear Trough Filler

Skin-deep (dermis) injection of long-lasting hyaluronic acid to fill out hollowness of sunken eyes, while rejuvenating the eye area, giving your eyes youthful and refreshed look.

At Ageless Medical, we only work with reputable and quality dermal fillers.

The Ministry of Health do not allow “Before and After” pictures to be featured in publicity materials. Leave us a message and our consultants will be happy to share with more pictures of treatment.

Treatment: Dual Yellow Laser

Dark Eye Circles Treatment Singapore are sometimes caused by darkened skin discoloration.
In some people especially of ethnic origin, the skin of their lower eyelids is naturally more pigmented and darker. In this case, treatment with the green and yellow light from the Dual Yellow Laser very effectively lightens the pigmentation and produces excellent results.

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