Prestige: The Season for Giving – Lam Bee Lan 

The medical director of Ageless Medical Centre and Ageless Aesthetics shares about how she helps give inmates a new lease of lifeby erasing their past.

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938Live interview 

Daniel Martin interviewed Dr Lam Bee Lan  on “Bro-tox” – Botulinum toxins for men

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Beauty Review: CoolMini Gets Rid Of Double Chins And Chubby Knees

Female Magazine reviews our CoolMini treatment which targets smaller, harder-to-reach problem areas like double chin, underarm bulges and excess fats around the knee area.

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Men’s Folio: Skin Rejuvenation

Combining 2 treatments(ReactionRF + Spectra XT or Dual Yellow Laser) to achieve Skin Rejuvenation

Beauty Review: New Facial Filler Technique that lifts sagging skin

Herworld magazine editor tries our new filler technique that lifts sagging skin.

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Dr Lam Bee Lan judging for CLEO Beauty Hall Of Fame 2016

Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2016

MUST-READ: A beginner’s guide to Botulinum toxins & Fillers

Dr Lam Bee Lan shares her advice on everything you need to know before you go for an aesthetic procedure.

Finally a cure for Acne?

We Found A Way For You To Be An Acne-Free Bride (And For Life)

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Permanent solution to Acne

Our Agnes treatment is the solution for your acne problems.

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Cleo Magazine June 2016: Sun Protection

Dr Lam advises on the damages the sun can cause, as well as the preventative measures we can take.

Men’s Folio April 2016: Teosyal

These cutting-edge products from Teoxane deliver results akin to the effects of professional procedures.

Cleo Magazine March 2016: The Fillers 

Look younger instantly without going under the knife.
A youthful-looking face is often full and plump. Unfortunately, as we age, the face naturally loses volume – cheeks become hollow and the eye sockets, sunken.

Cleo Magazine February 2016: 4 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going For Fillers 

Let’s face it, every woman young or old, will at some point in her life consider getting some nip-tuck. In this day and age where beauty and science are fast overtaking our lives, we sometimes can’t deny the desire of wanting a higher nose bridge or sharper chin.

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