After 3 months:

  • 11% increase in the number of hairs in anagen phase (growing phase).
  • 14% decrease in the number of hairs in telogen phase (falling phase).
  • 45% variation of the portion between anagen hair (growing) and telogen hair (falling).


Restoring the level of such anti-apoptotic protein should maintain more hair into the growing phase (anagen) and delay the premature transition of hair into the falling phase (catagen).

Hair loss level may therefore not be excessive anymore, as long as the product is applied.

CG 210 has also enabled restoring back the level anti-inflammatory markers to a level considered normal. Restoring the level of such markers should enable control the micro-inflammation status associated with excessive hair loss.

In a trial performed with the phototrycogram method on subjects with androgenetic alopecia, we have observed that the proportion of hair in the falling phase (telogen and catagen phases) started decreasing as early as 44 days after the start of CG 210 application (2). After 3 months, the average number of new growing hair (hair in anagen phase) was above 8 200.

In addition to being effective, CG 210 is made from botanical ingredients, so is safe with no known side-effects.

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