Korea Thread Lift VS Silhouette Soft Thread Lift 

You may have heard that the latest breakthrough in the quest to look forever young is the thread lift. During the minimally invasive procedure, one or more hypodermic needles loaded with absorbable sutures are inserted into the cheek. The sutures are then pulled like threads, to add volume, tighten skin and/or reduce wrinkles.

Depending on your preference, there are two types of threads that can be used, both are HSA-approved(Health Science Authority of Singapore):


NCOG Threads from Korea, are made of polydiaxanone, a synthetic absorbable material often used in surgeries. It comes in different forms and sizes, which makes it very versatile for doctor to apply it for different parts of the face whether to give more volume and to lift. This thread is also very popular for enhancing the nose bridge and nose tip, which gives very natural but noticeable results. With this one, the sutures resorb within four to six months, and the effects fade after about six to twelve months.

Silhouette Soft lasts longer because it’s a combination of polylactic acid and the Korean surgical sutures. Once inserted, the polyactic acid acts as an injectable that tells skin to create and grow more collagen. These new collagen cells are what is going to hold your lifted look for up to 18 months.

Depending on your goals, both thread types serve a slightly different purpose, depending on your desired results. They can be used alone or in combination for optimum results.